Employing advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies to offer the most comprehensive vehicle for tracking and protecting your organization’s sensitive data.

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“You can't protect what you can't find. MinerEye finds the data that needs protection.” Cool Vendor Report

Track Your Sensitive Data by its Essence

Powered by Interpretive AI™ Technology, MinerEye sees beyond form and file, tracking sensitive data by its essence. MinerEye doesn't just see numbers, names, and file types. It sees your contracts, your customers’ personal data, your chemical patents, your most sensitive designs and sketches, and more.

Protect Your Data at Scale

MinerEye excels in performance: the scalable technology scans huge quantities of data in minimal time, and easily accommodates the ever-growing amounts of information that companies are producing.

Get Continuous Tracking

MinerEye allows for full data resilience:it continuously scans vast volumes of data for sensitive information, using machine learning to adapt and cover changes in form and file.

Designed for Compliance

MinerEye understands the essence of compliance, and so approaches data with a unique structure built for this purpose. MinerEye Data Tracker™ is uniquely designed to identify data usage in scenarios that may constitute a violation.

Illuminate Your Files With MinerEye Data Tracker™

  • Locate Sensitive Data Anywhere

    Enterprises can identify and track sensitive data anywhere within the organization or out in the cloud.

  • Get Continuous Tracking & Alerting

    Continuously scan vast volumes of data, alerting you to suspicious data behavior, especially regarding assets of critical importance.

  • See Within the File

    Get beyond surface information like file type into the bits and bytes within any file, to accurately identify and track your sensitive assets.

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  • Granular Classification

    MinerEye's Interpretive AI™ Technology goes deep into any file at the pixel and byte level for the most accurate classification, ensuring nothing is missed.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Information security teams only need to train the system once with example files and strings to continuously track data. Say goodbye to tedious dictionary regex, creating rules, and maintenance.

  • Any Data in Any Form

    Locate and identify data within most file formats and file types. MinerEye illuminates “dark data” for a comprehensive coverage that supports the full protection of intellectual property.