First GDPR, now CCPA… What’s next for Data Privacy in the US?


Let’s be honest, GDPR has changed the way that we look at data privacy. When the EU-based compliance regulations came into effect back in 2018, businesses scrambled to get their systems and processes compliant. This included finding a way to enable “‘a customer’s right to be forgotten” meaning they could ask to be deleted from […]

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Do you work in one dimension? Of course not, so why should your file classification system?


Perhaps, many years ago, in a corporation… maybe not. Let’s start again. Perhaps, many years ago in the military, it was brutally clear what information was meant to stay strictly classified, particularly top secret. The expression “don’t let it get into the wrong hands” contained no blurry lines. Right from wrong was known to be […]

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No Longer Shielded


The long-term effects of striking down the U.S. Privacy Shield agreement by Schrems II, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, will take some time to become apparent. One immediately clear statement to US businesses holding personal information (PI) data on EU citizens was the lack of a grace period for GDPR (General Data Protection […]

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Working from home? Keep a leash on that data…at least share your files safely


Data sprawl is a hot topic during COVID-19. After all, it was tough enough to keep tabs on all of your sensitive information and regulated customer data when we were all in the office, and everything was at least supposed to be held tightly by the company’s DLP solution. Over the last six months, companies […]

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All data is not equal in data discovery


So much is written on cybersecurity every day, and most articles relate to where and how cyberattacks get into a network and how they may be detected. But how often do you read about the data that is compromised by some malware or ransomware. Who goes into detail about what is inside the data? Can […]

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MinerEye at the AFWERX Fusion Event for the Base of the Future!


“We’ve got to innovate to maintain America’s security. We’ve created the AFWERX Challenge to accelerate inventive solutions from individuals, startups, small business, large enterprises, academia and research labs in the most collaborative way and get them to America’s Airmen at the speed of relevance.” This is the call to action on the AFWERX home page, […]

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How a CISO can Deliver Business Value


It’s been said that data is the new oil as the most valuable business asset. If this is true, that would elevate a CISOs role to the organization to the keepers of the family jewels. Until now, a CISO. has been primarily focused on preventing and mitigating data breaches. In today’s rapidly changing climate, a […]

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How is your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tool Working for You?


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology is meant to stop data loss by classifying and labeling the valuable business information, thereby preventing its transfer to inappropriate users. When using DLP, a rules engine applies the organization’s policies on handling sensitive data, while a system administrator monitors what data is shared among users, and how. Why Does […]

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Getting your Regulatory Data Privacy Compliance Requirements in a Row. Is it as Time Consuming as You Think?


Most CISOs or CCOs live in fear of the announcement of a routine audit from a compliance organization, or even worse – a data breach or incident where they need to disclose information to the relevant authorities, or notify customers. To help you keep your obligations straight, here’s a handy guide to what you need […]

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Another Day, Another Data Breach


According to the latest Identity Theft Resource Center report, there was a 17% increase in reported US data breaches in 2019, over the 2018 data. More recently, due to Covid-19, the WHO has reported a fivefold increase in cyberattacks since this situation began. Without acting in panic mode, organizations need to accept this new reality, […]

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2018 – A Great Year for MinerEye


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from us at Minereye. We welcome you to take a quick look at what we’ve accomplished in 2018 with our customers, partners and the great team at MinerEye. New Customers MinerEye saw its customer base increase with the addition of new customers in multiple verticals that include finance, […]

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Why has data classification become so popular recently?


A year ago, data classification was of minimal importance. No Twitter hashtags, no research coverage, hardly any mentions in the media. Fast forward to now and it seems as if everyone is talking and writing about the topic. And for good reason. Gartner recently released its prestigious Hype Cycle reports for 2018. In seven reports […]

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Automated data classification enables utilizing “hybrid” cloud model


Yaniv Avidan December 12, 2017 Hybrid cloud models are designed to allow institutions to simultaneously store and process certain data in the cloud, while a portion of the processing or storage is done locally on premise. For example, the application may reside in the cloud, but the customer data is stored locally. This may make […]

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End point is dead, long live Data – the new end point.


Data has traditionally been seen as the passive result of transactional systems, to be surrounded, protected, and secured in systems that take an active part in the overall security perimeter of an enterprise. As that perimeter decomposes and becomes more fluid (e.g., cloud, mobile, IoT), data must be elevated so that each data object can […]

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Data Segregation and Access Control powered by AI


The network perimeter crumble, challenges the traditional “hard exterior, soft interior” network security model. MinerEye leverages AI to handle Data Segregation across platforms without the capital expense or disruptions to operations. It enables enterprises to identify and segregate data for various user groups within their infrastructures to ensure and data is accessible only to those […]

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Data Segregation: Missing Piece in Securing Enterprise Content


This is how customers describe Data Segregation problem to me. “We have millions of documents sitting in enterprise application servers that we know are accessible to all our users. We are subject to regulations that require us to identify classified documents within these large sets of data, and segregate them into restricted locations. It is […]

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New article reveals the necessity of information governance and data classification for complying with the new data protection policy, the EU GDPR


Approaching the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective from May 2018, companies based in Europe or having personal data of people residing in Europe, are struggling to find their most valuable assets in the organization – their sensitive data. The new regulation requires organizations to prevent any data breach of personally identifiable information (PII) […]

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What is MinerEye’s “Artificial Intelligence?”


Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to systems that change behaviors without being explicitly programmed based on data collected, usage analysis and other observations. These systems learn to identify and classify input patterns, probabilistically predict, and operate in an unsupervised manner, learning to draw useful insights.   The solution lays in a conceptual change in setting the reference […]

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