What is MinerEye’s “Artificial Intelligence?”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to systems that change behaviors without being explicitly programmed based on data collected, usage analysis and other observations. These systems learn to identify and classify input patterns, probabilistically predict, and operate in an unsupervised manner, learning to draw useful insights.  

The solution lays in a conceptual change in setting the reference to data profiling in sets of examples of files that are considered sensitive in an organization and apply pattern recognition and machine learning techniques to support structure discovery, data discovery and relationship discovery. 

AI capabilities that are applied to the right use cases potentially create transformative business value and competitive advantage. Organizations are already using AI to: 

  • Enable software to improve performance and outcomes at human speed or faster — especially in tasks that depend on classification or prediction related to complex inputs (such as process flows, customer or constituent interactions, and other data). 
  • Start and advance automated interactions with customers, business partners, other machines and workers. 
  • Improve the analysis of video, audio and other complex elements captured in media at a scale and speed that allows actions to be taken in an automated or expedited fashion. 

Predictions on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a transformative technology that will drive sustainable competitive advantage and business value. IT leaders must act now to employ AI and deliver critical business outcomes, while constrained by scarce skills. Gartner 

Use AI especially for tasks that require classification and prediction on an unprecedentedly large scale, which range from granular text autocorrection to strategic sales forecasting.