Partners Program Overview

The MinerEye Partner Program offers award-winning solution built on advanced technology and a broad spectrum of solution services. Take advantage of a wealth of support designed to help you deliver better business outcomes and organizational goals. MinerEye’s unique patented approach, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, allows partners to deliver customers a disruptive solution in the space of data privacy and protection and generate high value and margin strategic services.

Partners Type

Solution Provider Partners 

  • Resellers 
  • Nationals 
  • Distributors 

Cloud Partners 

  • MSSP, MSP 
  • Saas, PaaS, IaaS 
  • Connected Services 

Global Partners 

  • Technology Vendors 
  • System Integrators 
  • Consulting Organizations 

OEM Partners 

  • Embedded OEM Program 
  • Dell 
  • Others 

Partners Benefits

MinerEye’s Partners Program benefits are mapped to your investment. The highest level of commitment is rewarded with the highest level of benefits. 

  • A product and service that provides a profitable recurring revenue stream 
  • Growth incentives controlling, proportionate to your investment 
  • Resources to help elevate your status from an IT advisor to a business leader 
  • World-class technology that boosts your business and increases customers’ satisfaction

Partners Requirements

  • Achieve required accreditations within a reasonable time 
  • Reach program level revenue goals to maintain status 
  • Participate in business planning and reviews based on partner level 
  • Abide by MinerEye’s Rules of Engagement 
  • Install MinerEye Data Tracker™ in a lab environment 

Become a Partner

Join MinerEye’s Partners Program today to achieve your data goals tomorrow.