MinerEye Launches Data Breach Incident Response & Investigation Solution to Battle the Increasing Cyber Risks of Mass Telecommuting

Hod HaSharon – April 07, 2020: MinerEye, www.minereye.com, a data protection leader, is proud to announce the launch of a new Intelligent Data Breach Incident Response and Investigation solution. With this new MinerEye solution, an organization can accelerate and improve network-wide investigations to map compromised data and significantly reduce the time it takes to provide accurate breach notification. It also allows them stay ahead of future incident related risks before they strike. MinerEye’s Data Breach Incident Response and Investigation solution enables organizations to meet breach notification requirements mandated by GDPR, CCPA, NYPA, HIPAA, PIPEDA and others.

“The unprecedented growth of the remote workforce in these challenging times, has increased every organization’s risk and threat surface.”, said Yaniv Avidan, MinerEye’s President and Co-Founder. “MinerEye’s AI-Powered categorization and virtual labeling capabilities – which can automatically discover and monitor confidential corporate data and PI customer data in any file format wherever it is located, on premise or in the cloud – have become mission critical for data risk reduction programs.” Powered by Interpretive AI™ Technology, MinerEye’s data protection platform can mitigate corporate risks associated with future incidents.

“With MinerEye’s technology, we are able to provide our clients with faster discovery of PI customer data that may have been compromised in a breach”, said Ray Vankrimpen, Partner at consulting firm RICHTER LLP. “MinerEye’s technology rapidly pinpoints exposed sensitive data that would otherwise may take months to manually discover.”

Below are the topline capabilities of MinerEye’s Data Breach Incident Response & Investigation solution:

Incident Response

  • Quickly identify and categorize sensitive/regulated data across the network
  • Perform automated and custom searches on unstructured data (on-prem and cloud-based)
  • Leverage automated, scalable data risk assessments
  • Mitigate future incident-related risks

Intelligent Investigation

  • Accelerate and improve network-wide incident investigations
  • Perform rapid compromised account reviews

Breach Notification

  • Meet breach notification requirements with comprehensive identification, mapping and classification of regulated data anywhere in your network

To learn more about this and other MinerEye solutions, or to request a live MinerEye demo, visit www.minereye.com or email info@minereye.com.

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About MinerEye

MinerEye enables organizations to overcome the information governance and protection challenge. It automatically scans, indexes, analyzes, virtually labels and categorizes every piece of unstructured and dark data contained in the organization’s data repositories. With proprietary Interpretive AI™, machine learning, and computer vision, the solution locates relevant files out of the billions that are stored, accurately evaluates them, qualifies them by significance and purpose, and automatically sends alerts with next best action recommendations in cases of conflicts, duplications, or potential violations. This way, data protection is profoundly enhanced while risk and operational costs are reduced.

To learn move, visit www.minereye.com, or connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Download the Datasheet: MinerEye’s Data Breach Incident Response & Investigation Service