VisionGridTM for enterprise

Continuously Learn & Match Sensitive Data

Once our system learns patterns of few single data examples, we’re able to quickly identify all similar data in repositories no matter the changes endured. Minimal labor on customer’s side. Maximum control by MinerEye.

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VisionGridTM SaaS

Handle Big Data

MinerEye sorts through large amounts of data in a short amount of time using new technology that focus scans on areas of interest.  All files, all formats, all protected.   MinerEye alerts when it identifies patterns and outlier behavior of sensitive data clusters – All that from a few examples.

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VisionGridTM Eyecore


Introducing an automated, single scan system that sees & understands all your data in order to classify and track it later. Having the capability to scan your organization’s databases thoroughly, we turn over accurate information used to secure your data and trigger the right policy on time. Integrating our intelligence into protection systems, we’ve proven increased value to dozens
of customers, optimizing their data protection system by more than 50%.

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