Product Use Cases

  • Comprehensive audit and compliance​
  • Identify and protect faster than data creation​
  • Focused breach investigation based on information trace​

Sensitive data audit and assessment

✓  Scan and cluster millions of documents regardless of format in days
✓  Find unstructured sensitive data on files and documents
✓  Identify structured entities over data clusters (PII, PCI)
✓  Report on regulatory sharing violation of private data
✓  Report on data retention compliance

Identify and protect faster than data creation pace

✓  Learn patterns of selected use cases for Data Protection systems
✓  Search for similar patterns in remote repositories
✓  Trigger Data Protection system with similar data locations report

Investigate information trace

✓  Tracing back the history of similar data even when endured changes
✓  Amplifies forensics and data breach investigations
✓  Identifies vulnerabilities e.g. suspicious insider change to data and broken business processes

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