The Challenge

The amount of data being created, changed, stored and shared is growing exponentially. There are hundreds of different file extensions and file types. At each company Files are accessed and stored in a multitude of network and cloud repositories, your confidential data could be just about anywhere. How do you find your sensitive data to protect it?

The Solutions

Information Governance

MinerEye’s information governance solutions enable you to easily find your sensitive data, and effectively build a governance framework, contain costs, reduce risks, and ensure compliance.

Key Differentiators

  • Have immediate visibility and analysis capabilities over the massive amount of your unstructured data
  • Organize your shadow data in a meaningful structure that is maintained automatically
  • Reduce risk of having multiple unnecessary copies of documents
  • Monitor and protect your critical assets
  • Automatically track confidential data groups

Security and Intelligence

  • Gain credible and critical insights to help prevent and contain cyber crime, insider threats, fraud, and accidental data sharing violation.
  • Quickly comply with regulatory demands (EU GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield), data loss prevention needs, or any content search and rescue activities.
  • Categorize all your data, correlate the unstructured with the structured, identify & monitor sensitive data.
  • Identify what sensitive data your organization has, where it’s stored, when was it created and why and auto-classify it based on single exemplar document per data topic.

Advanced Discovery

Powerful solutions provide reliability across the discovery process. MinerEye’s technology instantly gives you a single, unified view into the widest variety of shadow data sources.

  • Computer vision based AI technology – instantly clusters similar files around an exemplar file using byte level pattern recognition
  • Advanced Discovery as an iterative fully automated process through identification, clustering, search and analysis.
  • Identify critical data for regulatory and legal inquiries, providing actionable insights
  • Automatic data segregation between geographies, domains, and customer data repositories
  • Have confidence in the integrity of your discovery with the world’s most advanced search, analytics, and data management engine for structured and unstructured data.
  • The only solution today that scans all types of file formats: all office generations, , pdf, jpd, gif, CAD/CAM, zipped formats etc’.

“You can't protect what you can't find.
MinerEye finds the data that needs protection.”

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