Organizations are inundated with so called Dark Data – data that is typically unstructured, unidentified and unclassified.
This dark data is continuously created, modified and stored during regular business activity but thereafter it fails to be reused or governed according to privacy and data protection regulations.

MinerEye big data and AI technology enables to increase data control and compliance for companies facing 2018 Data Protection and Privacy regulation. MinerEye’s mission is to put data in order, make it more protected, compliant & re-usable.

Product Use Cases

  • Comprehensive audit and compliance​
  • Identify and protect faster than data creation​
  • Focused breach investigation based on information trace

The Solutions

Sensitive Data Audit and Assessment

  • Scan and cluster millions of documents regardless of format in days​
  • Find unstructured sensitive data in files and documents​
  • Report on regulatory sharing violation of private data​
  • Report on data retention and compliance​


Identify and Protect Faster Than Data Creation Pace

  • Learn patterns of selected use cases for Data Protection Systems
  • Search for similar patterns in remote repositories
  • Trigger Data Protection system with similar data locations report

Investigate Information Trace

  • Tracking back the history of similar data even when endured changes
  • Amplifies forensics and data breach investigations
  • Identifies vulnerabilities e.g. suspicious insider change to data and broken business processes


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